About STAR-M


Japanese tradition of manufacturing excellence
STAR-M Corporation has consistently endeavored to innovate with woodworking augers since its establishment in 1923.
STAR-M, with about 100 skilled workers in its factory in Miki,Japan, is specialized in the production of drill bits for woodworking of the highest quality, suitable for the industry, craftsmen, and DIYs.
Today Miki City's 2000-year-old hardware industry is based on modern mass-production techniques.
Although the factory is well mechanized, the completion process is done by hand with a workman's skill.

Trademark Hidoko kanatoko Employees and their families Old catalogue
Trademark Hidoko(Hodo) Kanatoko Employees and their families Old Catalogue

By hand The skilled workers grind the spur and cutting lip by hand one by one and confirm the sharpness.
We offer a full line of high quality wood boring and drilling accessories designed for the professional.

At present we proud to be the leading manufacturer of tools, satisfying 80% of the domestic demand and exporting to more than 30 countries worldwide.

Stricter quality controls
We strive to stabilize our products by using various exclusive machines to make various woodworking drill bits perform with high efficiency and high precision.
We check and inspect all our products, aiming at further improvements in quality.

Special tools
In addition to the standard drill bits shown in our catalog, we specialized in "Custom Made" tools produced according to any drawing,
sketch, or sample per your requirements. We have set up a structure which enables us to meet your requests for changes in sizes and shapes and for special uses.